About Tami

Hi, I’m Tami Gulland, The Success Angel™

I guide high-achieving, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to easily attract their ideal clients. I partner with you and your Angels to help you align your energy, clarify your message and implement practical business-building steps to grow your business. Together we find the authentic unique approach that works for you and your business.

The Invitation that Opened Me to Angels

Right after college I landed a great marketing job creating promotional campaigns for food organizations and companies. While there, I was quickly promoted to management. I was climbing the ladder to success, or so I thought. The reality was that I missed the creative aspect of marketing communications. After much soul searching, I left my management position for a marketing promotions job that allowed me to again utilize my creativity and work fewer hours.

Things were going along fine in my new marketing promotions position. I had great colleagues and interesting work. I was compensated nicely and was making a contribution. Then slowly things started to eat at me. On the outside I looked successful — I had a good job, I had a loving husband and healthy income, but I ached for something more. I felt empty and stuck — as if I was just going through the motions of daily living. Dedicating myself to my job wasn’t providing me with the joy I was looking for, and as a result I felt burned out, stressed and unhappy. I yearned to feel connected and fulfilled in my work.

Then, I experienced the perfect storm — the birth of my spirited son, a personal health crisis and my dad’s physical deterioration and passing. I began to look for answers in the place that was most intuitive to me. I turned to Angels and Spirit for guidance. I felt compelled to learn as much as I could about Angels, spirituality and holistic healing. During this time I even began receiving messages from Angels that guided me along a different path. I had always been intuitive, but until then I hadn’t truly claimed my gifts. I became a Spiritual Business Coach, trained Angel Therapy Practitioner and Certified Medium. My life changed dramatically when I began to not only hear, but listen to and trust my Angels’ guidance. Through dreams and synchronistic events, my Angels encouraged me to start my own coaching business. It wasn’t until later I really enlisted my Angels to assist me in my business.

The Flow to Ideal Clients Opened

When I invited my Angels and Higher Guidance fully into my business, I began to clearly see and speak about the transformation I facilitated with my clients in a new light. I was guided to the exact information, teachers and opportunities that allowed me to consistently fill my coaching programs and expand my business with confidence and clarity that I hadn’t experienced before. I achieved success at a new level, sharing the stage with well-known coaches at major events and contributing to a high-profile book, “Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now!” with Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff and Chris and Janet Attwood. The flow to my ideal clients opened up and so did the catalyst for the change I had been yearning for.

And ever since, I have been given the opportunity to help more and more entrepreneurs find their own paths to success through a combination of business strategies and openness to receiving guidance from their Angels.

The Surprising Discovery about Business

What I have learned is that we are drawn to the work we love because our unique gifts and higher purpose guides us there. But our road to success doesn’t always appear to us simply because we have the passion, determination and gifts. We have to be open to receiving guidance on how to use our gifts in the most useful way, to really fulfill our purpose successfully.

When I finally found my connection with my Divine Guidance, it hadn’t been the first source I had sought for answers. With more than two decades of marketing and business consulting experience, over eight years of coaching experience and a bachelor’s degrees in marketing and economics, I had been taught the “secrets of success” through formulas and equations by the “experts” of business. But I quickly learned that much of the traditional marketing and business I had been taught didn’t work in my own coaching business nor for my own values and purpose. I actually had to toss much of it out the window, so I could show up authentically and really connect with my clients in my coaching business. My biggest insights and wisdom have come from the guidance of my Angels and Divine Team, along with working with clients and experiences in my own life and business. This Divine Connection continues to orchestrate the most amazing opportunities and experiences in my own and my clients’ businesses and lives. I want this for you, too. I want you to feel the power of receiving what you really need from a support system that will never fail you.

What’s Possible for You

The joy and success in my life is drawn from sharing my guidance and my experiences with gifted entrepreneurs so that they may successfully partner with their Angels and Divine Team. By aligning your unique gifts with practical advice, direct guidance from your Angels, and alignment of your energies, you can find fulfillment through the success that will help you thrive in your business and in your life. When you listen, trust and follow Divine Guidance, struggle dissipates, miracles happen, and your ideal clients are drawn to you.

Your business flourishes from this space, allowing the power of the Divine to support, carry and work through you. You will have the confidence and perfect messaging to magnetize your ideal clients, resources and opportunities.

Your Invitation

If you are:

  • tired of struggling
  • committed to sharing your gifts, growing yourself, and having a thriving business
  • ready to have support along the way

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